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    Yesterday, I offered 10 tips for beating winter blues…but that was only half of my list! If shorter days and chilly temperatures cause you to experience winter blues, I hope some of these tips that have been life-changing in my life will help you, too. More Tips for Beating Winter Blues (This information […]

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As fall progresses toward winter and long, chilly nights encroach upon daylight, I start to struggle. I’m not sure why it happens. But sure enough, every October, my normally happy, laid-back personality begins to unravel, giving way to frequent bouts of stress, fatigue, and inexplicable sadness. Even simple surviving requires so much more effort than normal. […]

learn…love…lift in prayer: human trafficking in the news

It’s the 27th of the month, and so I’m remembering the 27 million slaves in the world today. I’d like to highlight stories of human trafficking in the news right now. I’m sharing with you some links to news stories published within the last several days, each one highlighting some aspect of human trafficking. Will you take […]