what you MUST remember in times of trouble

How do you handle life’s inconveniences? You know what I mean, right? The ones that leave you rolling your eyes… or sighing in frustration… or grumbling and complaining in irritation… and maybe even asking, “Why, God?” I hope you’ll join me at my contributor site for a closer look at Mary’s experience with inconvenience in the days and weeks […]

Remember Times of Trouble quote

Put Up Tree Earlier

why i’ll put up my christmas tree earlier next year

“Mom, why don’t you like Christmas?” If that question doesn’t stop a Christ-following mom in her tracks, nothing will. I suppose it’s possible that I teased one too many times about punching the plastic snowmen bobbing happily outside the grocery store on November 1st. (Or maybe I didn’t smile when said teasing took place. Which could certainly […]

humble pie 1

There’s much truth about the topic of humility in the Bible. I’m at Satisfaction Through Christ today, considering an aspect of humility that’s downright inspiring. Even for the plain and ordinary among us. I hope you’ll join me there. Here’s an excerpt: I’ve been pondering an important lesson that recurs time and time again in the […]