to treat or not to treat? 1

I must confess that I’m smirking a little as I begin this post. I mean really, do we really need another blog post about Halloween and Christianity? I’ve seen posts passionately proclaiming Christians shouldn’t participate in Halloween. I’ve seen posts adamantly asserting we should. And I have to say, I’m highly doubtful that my few little thoughts here […]



a listening problem 3

  I think the only time my kids aren’t talking is when they’re asleep. What really baffles me is the way all three of them can be sitting right next to each other, talking to me at the same time. Do they not hear each other? And if so, do they not get that they […]

worth your everything 9

Do you ever spend time thinking about God? I do. (Though not as often as I should.) And recently I’ve been thinking about how grand He is. How resplendent. How monumentally awe-inspiring. When I gaze at the Blue Ridge mountains that charm me from the serenity of my front porch, I’m stunned to consider that their size […]