When Sitting in Church Makes You A Sitting Duck

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There’s no doubt we live in a fallen world. One that’s wracked by pain. Evil. Terror. Do you ever feel like a sitting duck in such a world? Sometimes I do. In a movie theater. In a sports stadium. In Continue reading

Let’s Get to Work! – Serving as a Family

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By nature, I can tend to be a lazy person. True story. I don’t know that most people would guess that about me. I stay pretty busy, after all. But I know the truth. When choosing between active or sedentary, I choose sedentary. Continue reading

Hope for the Parents of a Strong Willed Child

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I happen to be blessed with two strong-willed children – one who is in her “tween” years, and the other entering Kindergarten in the fall. And while raising a strong willed child is not easy, raising any child is a significant Continue reading

While I’m Waiting

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I’m at Satisfaction Through Christ today, sharing about my family’s personal experience in God’s waiting room, and offering 10 Bible-based prayers for your season of waiting. Here’s an excerpt: One of the sweetest lessons we learned during this time is that Continue reading

How to Be Happily Married in a World of Unhappy Marriages

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My husband and I celebrated our fifteenth anniversary last week. A decade-and-a-half seems like a drop in a bucket when I think about my grandparents, who were married for sixty years before my grandpa passed away, or my parents, who’ve Continue reading

Christianity and Transgenderism

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I watched, mesmerized, as the scene unfold before me. I wanted to look away, but I couldn’t. A group of undercover policemen had set up a sting operation to arrest prostitutes in the act of soliciting. A plainclothes officer pulled his car Continue reading