Portrait of Love: Paul

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This is the fourth post in our Bible study series called Loving God With All Your Heart: Portraits of Love. You can find the other posts in the series here: Introduction and Week 1: Portrait of Hosea Week 2: Portrait of Hannah Week 3: Continue reading

Helping Your Child Cope With Fear

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“Mom, I’m scared.” There are few moms and dads who haven’t at least once been awakened in the middle of the night by a child’s trembling plea for comfort. What’s a Christ-following parent to do? How can we help our Continue reading

The Fallacy of the Pro-Choice Christian

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My niece was born just 6 days ago. There’s something special about a new baby, isn’t there? Slim, wrinkled, not-yet-dimpled hands. Dainty toes topped with impossibly tiny nails. Arms stretching…reaching. Plump face that resembles daddy here, mommy there – leaving no emotion hidden, Continue reading

That Time I Hated Being a Foster Parent…and Why It’s Worth It Anyway

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“I hate being a foster parent. I hate it!” I sobbed to my 11-year-old daughter on our front porch a few weeks ago. I’m aware of how wrong this is on multiple levels. The thing is, nothing terrible had happened that day. Continue reading

When Sitting in Church Makes You A Sitting Duck

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There’s no doubt we live in a fallen world. One that’s wracked by pain. Evil. Terror. Do you ever feel like a sitting duck in such a world? Sometimes I do. In a movie theater. In a sports stadium. In Continue reading

Let’s Get to Work! – Serving as a Family

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By nature, I can tend to be a lazy person. True story. I don’t know that most people would guess that about me. I stay pretty busy, after all. But I know the truth. When choosing between active or sedentary, I choose sedentary. Continue reading