Supporting Your Hard-Working Husband ~ Grace & Truth Linkup (Week 20)

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I’m pretty sure today’s featured post was written just for me. My hard-working husband has had a different kind of work schedule with long hours lately. And while my mind and heart are grateful (as is our checking account!), sometimes my Continue reading

Surviving and Thriving All Summer Long

Surviving &...Summer Long fb

I’m contributing at Intoxicated on Life today, where I’m talking about my love for all things summer… well, except for this part: “After the first week or two away from the daily grind, the kids…well, they start to get on Continue reading

Identity Thieves ~ Grace & Truth Linkup (Week 19)

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We hear a lot about “identity theft” these days. These are interesting times, in which it’s possible not just to steal your possessions, but to steal who you are. But here’s an altogether different question: would you give your identity away? Of Continue reading

Keep Your Focus on God

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Do you ever struggle to keep your focus on God? I’m at Satisfaction Through Christ today, where I’m sharing a very recent personal experience. You see, I find that it’s the trivial things that can be most distracting to a Continue reading

What Does Grace Look Like?

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I’m thrilled to share with you my entry for a Christian writing contest at I’d be so grateful if you’d jump to their site and vote for me! What does grace look like? I thought I knew. Until I Continue reading

Succumb or Submit? ~ Grace & Truth Linkup (Week 18)

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Temptation. None of us is immune. Not even our Lord Himself. In today’s featured post, Mary Flaherty shares an insightful point of view that just might change the way you look at temptation. It did for me. And it all Continue reading

Dear Bio Mom…

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“Mama, we see my mom today?” he asked as he climbed the stairs to my waiting vehicle. Making efforts to keep my voice cheerful, though inwardly I was cringing, I answered, “No, honey. Not today. Two more days.” “Awwww.” My Continue reading

Raising a Passionate Daughter

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I’m so blessed to be part of an outstanding series on parenting daughters, hosted by my good friend Kaylene Yoder. My post is about raising passionate daughters. You know the ones… they tend to behave like I describe in this excerpt: Continue reading

3 Things to Do When You Are On Overload ~ Grace & Truth Linkup (Week 17)

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I wrote earlier this week about the busy season I’m in right now. And while I’m certain that this particular busy season is right where God wants me, I’m equally certain that there have been other busy seasons I’ve brought on myself. Continue reading