Prayers for Relationships

Prayers for Hard Relationships fb

Some relationships are easy. The conversation flows, honest and filter-free. Warmth abounds and conflicts are few. These relationships are precious gifts, aren’t they? Other relationships, though… well, they’re not easy. Personalities clash, and common ground is minimal. Offense is often Continue reading

Prayers for Your Ministry

Prayers for Ministry fb

Here’s a critical truth for Christ-followers: if we’re alive, it’s for the purpose of fruitful labor (Philippians 1:22). In a word, we’re here for work. When we offer Him our five-loaves-and-two-fish worth of effort, He multiplies it in ways we can’t Continue reading

Prayers for Aging Parents

Prayers for Aging Parents fb

One might think I have no business writing a post like this. One might be right. Because although my parents are aging in the sense that every human on the face of the planet is getting older day by day, they’re still Continue reading

Prayer for Peace

Prayers for Peace fb

Peace. It’s what we long for perhaps more than anything else. Peace with God. Peace with who we are. Peace in our marriages and in our homes. Peace in our workplaces and peace in the world. Sometimes I fall into Continue reading

Prayers of Surrender

Prayers of Surrender fb

Sometimes I think I’m a late bloomer. I never really understood what “surrender” was (spiritually speaking) until just a couple of years ago, during a season of trial in my life. My husband received the dreaded cancer diagnosis. And then Continue reading

Prayers for Your Pastor ~ Grace & Truth (Week 45)

Prayers for Your Pastor fb

I’m convinced that one of the most under appreciated groups of people are godly pastors. They give… and give… and give some more. They cry with us. They celebrate with us. They counsel us and pray with us and preach to Continue reading

Prayers for the Unemployed

Prayers for the Unemployed fb

Two years ago, when my husband suddenly lost his job with a major insurance company after a decade of dedication and success, we were devastated. It was – and remains to this day – one of the most difficult times Continue reading

Prayers for Teens

Prayers for Teens fb

I pretty much adore the “tween” in my house. She’s fun and helpful, thoughtful and sensitive. Oh, and she cooks for me almost every day! I’m sometimes struck with painful awareness that my time with her in my home is growing Continue reading