The Truth About Peace & Why It Can’t Begin With Me

“Don’t rock the boat!” “Can’t we all just get along?” “Let’s just keep the peace.” I’m sure these phrases aren’t new to you. There’s a part of us that longs Continue Reading →

What is Anticipatory Grief? ~ Grace & Truth Linkup (Week 24)

My grandma passed away seven months ago, in a way that felt sudden and unexpected and altogether-too-soon. She knew how much I loved her. And still, it hurt that I Continue Reading →

Keep On Encouraging ~ Grace & Truth Linkup (Week 23)

Tiffany from This is Amazing Grace is a dynamic writer with the gift of encouragement. After I read today’s featured post, I was fired up! I was excited about the realms Continue Reading →

Heaving Broken Relationships Onto His Altar of Peace ~ Grace & Truth Linkup (Week 16)

Relationships can be hard, can’t they? And sometimes, just like that, they’re over. Perhaps it happened before you were ready to say “goodbye.” Or maybe you saw it coming a mile away. Continue Reading →

Sales and Shoes and Starbucks and Shows ~ Grace & Truth Linkup (Week 7)

I read an article this week claiming that Christian persecution is at an all-time high. “All-time high” or not, it’s certainly on the rise. With no end in sight. Have you ever Continue Reading →