I’m Done Pretending I Have It All Together ~ Grace & Truth (Week 91)

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I gave my kids one job on a recent Saturday.

I knew I would be away for most of the day, and we were having friends over for dinner.

While the house wasn’t spotless (I gave that up that fantasy years ago), it was in decent shape considering we’re a large and busy family.

Except for the bathroom. 

So that was their one and only job: clean the bathroom.

I had a great day (skydiving, no less!), we had a wonderful dinner with our friends, and the kids were tucked into their beds by the time I finally made it to the bathroom.

I. Was. Horrified.

The toilet was dirty, the floor littered with tiny bits of toilet paper. The sinks were stained with electric blue toothpaste, the mirrors spattered with those lovely little spit dots. (Sorry, but I don’t know what else to call them.)

I didn’t even want to use that bathroom, and I was mortified that our friends had set foot in there.

Did I mention that the aforementioned friends also happened to be our pastor and his wife? It shouldn’t make a difference. But somehow it does.

Because the ugly truth of the matter is that my main concern wasn’t the inconvenience my friends endured because of our filthy bathroom.

My primary concern was their opinion of me. 

What must they think of my homemaking abilities?

Do they think this kind of mess is acceptable to me? 

Have they come to the only logical conclusion that we’re a household of slobs, and that I’m the ringleader?

In today’s featured post, Shannon from Of the Hearth writes about a similar experience of her own, helping us identify the root of these kinds of feelings, and offering the truth that will set us free.


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3 thoughts on “I’m Done Pretending I Have It All Together ~ Grace & Truth (Week 91)

  1. Mary Flaherty

    Oh my goodness. I’m sure your friends/pastor understood, especially if they have kids, but I get it. And I loved your choice of words…I wouldn’t know how else to describe those spit dots either.

  2. Shannon

    Hi Jennifer,
    It sounds like you understand exactly what I was talking about in my post about pretending to have it all together!
    I’m honored you’ve featured my post and I’m so glad it has sparked such open, honest conversation on the topic.


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