Learn…Love…Lift in Prayer: What Can YOU Do?

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Learn...Love...Lift in Prayer: What Can YOU Do?

“I am only one,

But still I am one.

I cannot do everything

But still I can do something;

And because I cannot do everything

I will not refuse to do the something that I can do.”

Edward Everett Hale

I’ve been so blessed to learn with you about human trafficking and slavery for over a year now.

I’ve urged you to pray over these issues that matter so much to our God. To get involved in human trafficking and slavery.

I’ve pointed you toward ways to be informed and ways to help support ministries offering help to victims.

And as I’ve been pondering what you and I can do to be even more involved personally as the Lord leads, I came across a great post from a like-hearted and like-minded blogger who writes at Intentional Jane.

She offers 5 questions to get you started fighting for freedom. And what I appreciate about her post is that she oh-so-gently points out our responsibility to steward well the knowledge we have about injustice in the world today.

She also offers guidance as we consider how to increase our personal involvement, in a way that’s accessible for you and for me…

just regular people who want to emulate God’s heart for victims.

People who care and pray, but aren’t sure what else we can do.

People who are ready to take that first tentative step toward fighting for freedom.

If that’s you, take a few moments to read Andrea’s post here: 5 Questions to Get You Started Fighting for Freedom.

Because freedom matters for everyone.

Learn...Love...Lift in Prayer: What Can YOU Do?


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2 Replies to “Learn…Love…Lift in Prayer: What Can YOU Do?”

  1. Patty @ Hearts Homeward

    This is such a needed post. I have been praying and longing to do more in this area and your post makes this accessible. Thanks so much for helping spread the word and break this into baby steps – where to learn, where to give, where to move into action.
    Blessed to be reaching upward and outward alongside you,
    ~ Patty

    • Jennifer Clarke Post author

      Thank you for sharing my heart on this matter that’s so close to our God’s heart, Patty. Once we get past the feelings of helplessness concerning such a vast problem, claiming the power of God through prayer and committing to obedience as He leads, we’re each equipped to do our small part.


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