Preparing for Persecution

Another mass shooting took place last week, and it seems that Christians were once more a target. This incident sparked a touching conversation with my daughter that still lingers in my Continue Reading →

Even at Gunpoint, Yes, I Am a Christian

“Mama?” my eleven-year-old asked. “What would you say if someone held a gun to your head and asked if you were a Christian?” This is one of those times when Continue Reading →

Adjusting to Seasons of Change ~ Grace & Truth Linkup (Week 33)

Sometimes foster sons go home after being with you for nine months. Sometimes a sister who’s also very much a dearly loved friend follows God’s call across an ocean. Sometimes Continue Reading →

Joy in Season ~ Grace & Truth Linkup (Week 25)

Sometimes it feels as though my greatest struggle in the Christian life is holding on to joy.  I wish it weren’t so. The Bible references joy numerous times, after all. Continue Reading →

Praying the Scriptures While I’m Waiting on God

I’m at Satisfaction Through Christ today, sharing about my family’s personal experience in God’s waiting room, and offering ten ways to start praying the Scriptures during your season of waiting. Here’s an Continue Reading →

What Does Grace Look Like?

What does grace look like? I thought I knew. Until I was thirty-five years old, I enjoyed a charmed life. I didn’t have to look for blessings in disguise; my Continue Reading →

When Life is Busy

  I’m in a particularly busy season of life right now. Between my roles as wife, mom, foster mom, homeschooler, writer, musician, and teacher, I’m stretched very thin these days. I Continue Reading →

Thriving in Adversity ~ Grace & Truth Linkup (Week 11)

Is it possible to thrive in times of adversity? Jaylin Palacio, writer at Encouragement From the Word, says that you can. And even better, she has lived it herself. The unthinkable Continue Reading →

When the Road Ahead is Unclear ~ Grace & Truth Week 10

Sometimes we feel stuck in the hallway, don’t we? Surrounded by closed and locked doors, unsure when one of them will open. Doubtful that any of them will open at all. Having Continue Reading →