Christianity and Transgenderism

I watched, mesmerized, as the scene unfold before me. I wanted to look away, but I couldn’t. A group of undercover policemen had set up a sting operation to arrest prostitutes in Continue Reading →

Heaving Broken Relationships Onto His Altar of Peace ~ Grace & Truth Linkup (Week 16)

Relationships can be hard, can’t they? And sometimes, just like that, they’re over. Perhaps it happened before you were ready to say “goodbye.” Or maybe you saw it coming a mile away. Continue Reading →

10 Tips For an Almost Perfect Marriage ~ Grace & Truth Linkup (Week 6)

If you’re married, there is no earthly relationship more important than your marriage. Because in a wonderful and sobering way that only God could design and perfect in us, our Continue Reading →

Life Lessons From Grandma

My Grandma died last Friday. In a way that felt too fast. Like I had been cheated out of “goodbye.” But also in a way that was merciful. Like for her Continue Reading →

Protecting Your Marriage From Enemy Attacks

I’m writing at Satisfaction Through Christ today, talking about an important aspect of marriage. With divorce rates higher than ever, even among people who claim the name of Christ, we Continue Reading →

Cultivating a Servant’s Heart

“Why wasn’t I chosen?” I wish I could tell you that my shoulders slumped as I looked at the list that didn’t contain my name. If they did, it was only for a Continue Reading →

My Husband is a “One Another,” Too

Will you join me at Satisfaction Through Christ today? I’m offering 10 fresh Bible verses for marriage. Here’s an excerpt: “Exasperated, I growled at my husband. Even though he may not have even Continue Reading →

Praying the Scriptures: 10 Prayers For Your Child

As a Christ-following woman who also happens to be entrusted with children, I don’t know of anything I can do for them that’s more important than prayer. And perhaps the Continue Reading →

Irresistible Prayer

“God, please change my heart.” The beauty of this prayer is its simplicity. Just a handful of words, with truckloads of meaning… It’s all those beneath-the-surface and between-the-lines meanings that Continue Reading →