Praying the Scriptures: Praying for Persecuted Christians

Making plans for this space is one of my weaknesses, to be honest with you. The best bloggers keep an editorial calendar, scheduling posts months in advance, but me? I’m Continue Reading →

Preparing for Persecution

Another mass shooting took place last week, and it seems that Christians were once more a target. This incident sparked a touching conversation with my daughter that still lingers in my Continue Reading →

Even at Gunpoint, Yes, I Am a Christian

“Mama?” my eleven-year-old asked. “What would you say if someone held a gun to your head and asked if you were a Christian?” This is one of those times when Continue Reading →

A Woman’s Prayer for Christian Men

Another day, another story of a crumbling marriage making its way to my ears, slumping my shoulders and squelching my spirit. Another man falling for the lie that his family ought Continue Reading →

How to Conquer “If Only” Thoughts ~ Grace & Truth Linkup (Week 22)

“If only I had more time to myself.” Sigh. “If only she was still my friend.” Sigh. “If only Alice from the Brady Bunch was my maid.” Sigh. These are Continue Reading →

Far as the Curse is Found

You may already know that God issued a curse following Adam and Eve’s choice to sin (Genesis 3). The Curse of Sin He cursed the serpent for deceiving them. He Continue Reading →