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Discover 5 clues that God is changing your course, plus 10 Bible-based prayers for His guidance in your life.

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Effortlessly add up to an hour of prayer time to your day! Plus, harness the power of praying the Scriptures. 


Use 4 words to radically impact your relationships, then pray about your relationships with 10 Scriptures as a guide. 


Discover 5 blessings of trials, plus find comfort and hope in what the Bible has to say about the trial you’re going through. 


Produce the fruit of the Spirit through the power of prayer, then get motivated with 15 Bible verses about taking action. 

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A Prayer for a Broken Nation

A Prayer for a Broken Nation

Much could be said about the state of our nation today. Tensions abound. Hatred is rampant. Evil is seemingly unrestrained. There are many opinions about the cause of our problems. But what it boils down to is sin. There are also many opinions about the solution to...

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Staying True to Your Faith While You’re On Vacation

I'm a creature of habit, one who loves structure and thrives on it. Part of this is from pure and simple necessity; after all, trying to care for the needs of six kids while navigating life without some kind of structure is a recipe for complete chaos. But I've also...

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The Antidote for Spiritual Defeat

"Please pray for me. I'm struggling with spiritual defeat." It's the email message I receive more than any other. No, not everyone uses those exact words. In fact, I'm pretty sure no one has ever made that precise statement. But the sentiment is there nonetheless. You...

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The Four Pillars of Your Identity in Christ

I don't know about you, but I am constantly inundated with messages about who I am. Messages from within: I can't do anything right. No one likes me. I will never be able to overcome this. Messages from others: You're not worth my time. I can't believe you did that....

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