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Do you have a “besetting sin”?

One to which you’re particularly prone, no matter how hard you try to overcome it?

Paul exhorts his fellow “runners” in the Christian life to cast off every weight and the sin that so easily besets us (Hebrews 12:1).

What sin easily besets you, distracting you from the race you’re running and threatening to disqualify you from the prize?

Mine is self-indulgence, especially as it pertains to food. I wrote a pretty raw and unfiltered post about that a couple of years ago, and while I wish I could say I’ve conquered it by now, the truth is that I haven’t.

And while it’s frustrating to keep fighting the same battle with slow progress, I must confess that I can see why I haven’t yet secured the victory.

It’s because I still have lessons to learn from this struggle.

The more I learn about why I have this besetting sin in the first place, the more equipped I am for the battle to overcome it. And while victory has been a long time coming, I know for sure it will be mine one day.

God recently showed me a new component to my self-indulgence, and I believe these are truths that are life-changing for Christians, no matter the nature of your besetting sin.

I’m sharing those truths at Satisfaction Through Christ today. Here’s an excerpt:

I scoured the pantry for the chocolate chips, my go-to stash when there’s no other chocolate in the house. The search wasn’t quite frantic, but it was certainly urgent as I sought what my appetite craved.

When I finally conceded to myself that the hunt was in vain, I’m pretty sure my shoulders slumped a little.

I wasn’t going to get my fix.

Not this time.

As I pondered these events during a few quiet moments the next morning, I cried out to the Lord.

“Why, God? Why is eating such a struggle for me? Why do I always give in to my appetites? Why can’t I conquer this monster that has plagued me for so many years?”

I don’t think I really expected Him to answer. Even though it’s not unusual to receive a reply from Him, I still somehow forget to expect it.

But I didn’t have to wait even five seconds before His Spirit spoke to my heart.

Read the rest here, just a click away!

Truths That Will Change Your Life Today