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3 Lessons in Wisdom From the Magi

I’m a ponderer, by nature. I tend to think deeply, often digging beneath the surface and sometimes even questioning things I’ve always assumed to be true.

I recently found myself pondering the wise men, wondering about these mysterious magi from the east. Who were they? What were they like? And did they really live up to the name “wise men”?

I shared my conclusions on this topic at Intoxicated on Life. Here’s an excerpt:

One of my kids had a problem with a friend recently. One of my other kids had an issue with a class at school. Another one was struggling with his after-school routine. Two others had a major falling-out with each other.

(Okay, let’s be real. They all have falling-outs with each other every day.)

What do my children need in order to have a godly perspective toward life and solve their problems in a way that honors the Lord?

They need wisdom.

If we adults haven’t yet grasped our need for wisdom before we have kids, nothing quite drives the point home like parenthood.

We understand how much we need wisdom. We pray for wisdom. We search the Scriptures for it, and we glean it from pretty much every Christian source we can find.

A wise parent does all of those things. And then they make it a priority to teach their kids about wisdom.

Read the rest of the post here, including 3 lessons from the Magi about wisdom, just a click away!Lessons in Wisdom from the Magi

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