Against All Odds: Remarkable Faith and Miraculous Healing

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Feeling hopeless? Take heart! Consider this biblical example remarkable faith and miraculous healing, and find hope in Jesus for your hopeless situation.

There was a woman who had had a discharge of blood for twelve years, and though she had spent all her living on physicians, she could not be healed by anyone (Luke 8:43-48).

Not only was her “discharge of blood” physically crippling, for a Jewish woman it was also socially devastating. Bodily discharge was considered “unclean” under the law (Leviticus 15) – a pesky inconvenience for women facing their monthly menstruation; completely catastrophic for a chronically diseased woman.

I’m sure she longed for physical relief. How exhausted she must have been! There was likely a great deal of pain involved, as well.

I can only imagine how her physical ailments were compounded exponentially by her social isolation.

Those who might have offered comfort had it been any other illness were compelled by the law to stay away.

There was no one to comfort her. No one to assist her.

Greedy doctors had likely taken advantage of her desperation. Offering hope in exchange for more of her money, not stopping until they had drained her pockets dry.

Mark’s description (5:25-34) of her treatment is even more telling: she “had suffered much under many physicians…and was no better but rather grew worse.”

I’m sure painful treatments would have been well worth it, had they been effective. But to endure such treatments and remain unhealed, only growing worse with time?


And what about another kind of suffering at their hands?

False hope.

A new treatment.

A new cure.

A possible solution.

Just a few more coins.

And a lot more pain.

But it just might work.

Her hope surged.

She paid.

She endured.

But her hope inevitably came crashing down around her slumped, defeated frame.

Twelve long years. Four thousand, three hundred and eighty days of physical and emotional agony.

Can you sense her despair?

But then, one day…

a day that probably started just like all the others before them…




Feeling hopeless? Take heart! Consider this biblical example remarkable faith and miraculous healing, and find hope in Jesus for your hopeless situation.

Remarkable Faith & Miraculous Healing

She came up behind Him in the midst of a throng of people, saying to herself, “If I touch even His garments, I will be made well.”

Say what?

She had endured one failed treatment after another for twelve long years at the hands of many crooked men who claimed healing power, and yet she didn’t hesitate to approach this Man for healing?

What sort of Man is this?

Not only that, but she stated with such confidence that she would be made well?

What sort of faith is this?

No “perhaps.” No “maybe.” No “hopefully.” No “it’s-worth-a-shot.”

How is that even possible?

Really, I kind of think it’s not surprising at all.

Because of who she was.

You see, she wasn’t just a woman with an issue of blood. That’s how the text describes her. But when we read between the lines and fit together all the puzzle pieces we also see that she was a woman of strong faith.

How do I know? Well, other than her own powerful statement of faith, let’s consider a couple of other clues.

First of all, she was alive and in her right mind. I don’t say this lightly. I simply don’t think someone without a strong faith in God could endure what she did as long as she did with no end in sight, without committing suicide or going insane.  We have every reason to believe her physical and emotional agony were that intenseThe fact that she had persevered for so long is evidence of her strong faith.

Secondly, she was immediately healed. Scripture is clear that miraculous healing is reserved for the faithful and denied to the unfaithful (Matthew 13:58, Mark 10:52, Luke 17:19). Her immediate healing (I love that we’re told it was immediate…how good our God is to share these details with us!) is proof of her faith.

And what was Jesus’ response to this woman of strong faith with the debilitating disease? This unclean woman who dared to secretly approach and even covertly touch God-made-flesh Himself?


What compassion from our Lord! This simple word moves me to tears as I sit here wondering how long it had been since that word had fallen on her ears so lovingly. Daughter —  a word of acceptance. Approval. Belonging.

Don’t you just adore this Jesus who didn’t rebuke her for breaking the law? Who didn’t snub her or look at her with contempt?

No, not my Jesus. Not only did He not reject her. He intentionally received her and affirmed her and praised her. Do you see what this reveals about our Savior?

He wasn’t content to heal her body and leave her shattered heart in pieces. He was tenderly healing her broken heart, and binding up her wounds (Psalm 34:18).

Oh, my friends, how blessed we are to know and love and participate in a relationship with this same Jesus!

His power is just as mighty for you. Healing your broken places. Binding up your wounds. Speaking acceptance and love and affirmation over you.

No matter how many defilements you bear. No matter how many disappointments you’ve faced. No matter how many times your hopes have been dashed. No matter how many people have rejected you as though you’re less than.

Will you approach Jesus in faith today? Reach out to Him and claim His power! Dare to believe that He can change everything.

Your hope is always safe in Him.

Feeling hopeless? Take heart! Consider this biblical example remarkable faith and miraculous healing, and find hope in Jesus for your hopeless situation.

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7 Replies to “Against All Odds: Remarkable Faith and Miraculous Healing”

  1. Gi-Gi Allen

    Hi Jennifer, “Against all Odds.” Wow! That’s a phrase that my family and I use very often, when we Pray, and testify, about the things that God has brought us through. Even beyond the title, your story today resonated with me. It was literally as if you knew my story, and everything that I’m going through. Thank you, for reminding me, that I’m still, on the right path. I’m smiling, as I type this message. Faith in God is the only thing, that got me through an abusive childhood, being a single mother of 3. Two of those 3 suffered with health issues until their late teens, and at that point, I myself, had become chronically ill. For 14 and a half years, my 2 youngest children stood by me, as I went through numerous procedures, and barely made it out of a few of them. I’m so proud of them, because like myself, they never stopped Praying, before, during, and after, every second, of not just every proceduer. But every part of our lives. We Prayed over our laundry, and laughed, at how serious we were. A year, and a half ago my Doctor’s found the source of all my problems, and a cure. My 2 kids, who stood by my side, we’re there. Still by my side. Grown-ups, 1 with kids of his own, the other fighting her own health issues again. Now, I had a beautiful strong daughter-in-law, Praying for me, and with us. I’m still healing, My/Our Faith hasn’t waivered. Most people look at me, when I’m with my Family, and because of God’s Grace, they can’t tell, that I’m a Sister, Mother, Friend, and very Proud Grandmother, first and foremost, before all those things, I’m a child of God. I purposely left out the fact, that for the past 7 months exactly, I’ve been homeless. I should clarify: My health started to decline again, and I lost my place of residence. For a moment somewhere along the way, I lost site of God. And when I did, the devil was waiting. He (Satan) in every way possible, has tried to convince that God didn’t love me, and everything that I was going through was because of that. During this 7 months, I’ve had a roof over my head, someone was always willing to take me in, and I was always grateful. But in the end, it has been at a cost, of almost everything that I have, even almost my life. The 1 common thing, in the places that I’ve been, in 7 months, has been how much they disagreed, with my Faith in God, strongly discouraged it. When I didn’t conform to their ways, or ran out of money, or whatever usefulness I was to them, it was time for me to leave. My health is starting to decline again slightly. I have always kept a journal, and when I looked back at it, I am going through, exactly what he said I would. The last place, that I was at, before leaving, I was told, that, (this makes me smile and cry, because it’s a sign of his Grace) I don’t look like I’m homeless, have gone through the things, health wise or anything, still sick, or the age that I am. As a matter of fact, I don’t look like, I’ve ever suffered a day in my life, at all. I had to sickly “Thank You, because God has truly, been good to me.” He even told me, that he would heal me before, and he’s promised to heal me again. He also promised me that he would restore my life, above, and beyond anything I could ever ask for. Supernatural Abundant Favor, Double for my trouble. Most people don’t believe me, even laugh at me. Homeless, or not, no matter what, he’s done everything that he said he would. So even though, I have no idea how, or when, he’s stood by me Against All Odds, and I will Trust and Believe in him the same way. Thanks for sharing, and inspiring me. Have a Blessed Day.

    • Jennifer Clarke Post author

      This is a truly precious testimony, Gi-Gi. I’m so glad you shared it! I rejoice with you in the healing power and provision He has made so evident, and in His protection of your faith in times of difficult trials. I’ve prayed for a solution to your homelessness — what a poignant reminder that truly, all Christ-followers are pilgrims in this world, and we do disservice to ourselves and our Savior when we cling too tightly to these temporary shelters we call homes. Even still, your Father knows your need of shelter, and I’m asking for His quick provision of that need. I’m thanking Him for your safety, and asking that He make Himself known as Jehovah-Jireh, your personal Provider. May He richly bless you as you continue to testify of His abundant grace in your life!

  2. Holly Brown

    So often we forget that the same Jesus who changed this broken woman’s life, is the same Jesus who offers us full restoration by His grace and mercy. I love this post, it reminds us to trust the One who has the power to transform us, heal us, redeem us. Love you girlie, great post!!

    • Jennifer Clarke Post author

      Thanks so much, Holly! Isn’t it interesting how we can sometimes separate the Jesus of the New Testament from the Jesus now sitting at the right hand of God the Father? May He grow our faith in Who He was, Who He is, and Who He ever shall be, the same yesterday, today, and forever. Love you, friend!

  3. Jenn

    Wow, Jennifer. What a truly beautiful descriptive story of a small part in scripture that gets overlooked. I know I personally have never looked too closely at it. Thank you for sharing.

    • Jennifer Clarke Post author

      It’s amazing what we gloss over in Scripture, isn’t it? Slowing down and taking our time allows us to uncover precious gems tucked beneath the surface. I need to do this far more often! Thanks for your kind words, friend.

  4. Martha

    Jennifer- THANK YOU so much for this post. I’ve started this New Year by doing a bible reading challenge focusing on Faith.
    Its my first bible challenge so it’s going slow. I’m researching several commentaries about this story but none have inspired me such as your post. Just as I was about to stop and close my computer- I came across your Against All Odds Hope for the Hopeless post.
    This is what I was looking for- an indepth analysis of who this woman was in words that I could understand and relate to. Not only does her faith heal her but she has an encounter with Jesus that is life changing.

    My new year’s resolution is to walk closer to God. You have made day one of my bible challenge thrilling and exciting. As I meditate about this story and about the true saving grace that our God gives us, your words will also be in my thoughts.

    Thank you again for you post.



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