Dear Christian Who Doesn’t Want to Vote for Trump

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I know, I know. It’s very likely that you have no desire to read a political piece on a Christian blog.

If that’s the case, feel free to skip this post.

The title is no accident, by the way. If you’re not a Christian, this post probably isn’t for you. (But if you’re curious about Christianity, this one may be just what you’re looking for.)

Likewise, if you’re a Christian who is already convinced that you’re voting for Donald Trump in just a few days, this post is probably not for you either. I affirm you as my brother or sister in Christ by virtue of your faith in His death, burial, and resurrection as an atonement for your sins, no matter how you’re voting in the election. And I also want you to know that I understand the reasons why some Christians are voting for Trump. This post is not intended to persuade you away from a decision to which I can only assume God led you.

So with that introduction out of the way, I’ll start for real now.


Dear Christian who really doesn’t want to vote for Donald Trump,

You don’t have to.

Need me to say it again?

You really don’t have to.

There are a lot of conservative voices saying that voting for Donald Trump in order to stop Hillary Clinton’s pursuit of the presidency is the moral choice.

(Notice I said the moral choice–as in the one and only–not just a moral choice, which would allow room for other moral choices, as well.)

I want to tell you today, in no uncertain terms, that those voices are wrong.

I know some Christians – some of whom are pastors and writers and leaders that you and I have respected and trusted for many years – are making it seem like it’s the sole good and true choice, and even the sole Christian choice in this election season. (*cringe*)

But they’re mistaken.

If you’re like this conservative Christian who has voted Republican her whole life, you don’t have a problem with Christians who are voting for Trump in order to stop what is perceived to be the massively destructive alternative. You understand where these Christians are coming from.

But still…

It’s Trump we’re talking about here.

Since there’s a plethora of information available about Donald Trump, I won’t rehash the details about why voting for him is distasteful at best, and likely impossible for many of you who are still reading. (You can find more discussion on that topic by following the links to related articles at the end of this post.) Suffice it to say he is a man who is thoroughly foolish, immoral, and wicked.

My only goal today is to come close to your ear, whispering under the shouting voices to let you know that you don’t have to vote for Donald Trump unless you are confident that God is leading you to do so.

If you choose differently from other evangelicals, it will be okay.

You might get bullied about it.

You might be browbeaten for it.

You might even be blamed for the fallout if Hillary is elected.

But I hope you can be at peace knowing that your decision, as it’s centered in Scripture and guided by the Holy Spirit, is honorable to the only One who matters – the Master who gave you the freedom to cast your vote in the first place, and the One to whom you’ll answer for stewarding it well.

You don’t have to vote for Trump, because you have a higher purpose.

Ecclesiastes 12:13 teaches us that the conclusion of the whole matter – the ultimate conclusion of all the things we might pursue in this great big world – is that the whole duty of mankind is to fear God and keep His commandments.

And you are completely able to fulfill that duty without voting for Donald Trump.

You don’t have to vote for Trump, because you have a higher Master.

You are free from the compulsion to live as a people-pleaser.

You are free from the bonds of slavery to how things have always been done.

You are free from carrying the weight of political and religious opinion.

Your only Master is your Savior, the One who died for you and rose again.

And you are completely able to serve that Master without voting for Donald Trump.

You don’t have to vote for Trump, because you have a higher identity.

You are a chosen race, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a people for His own possession.

Not so you can proclaim the excellencies of the Republican party or the American dream or the nobility of patriotism.

But so that you may proclaim the excellencies of Him who called you out of darkness into his marvelous light. (I Peter 2:9)

And you are completely able to live out your identity as a Christ-follower without voting for Donald Trump.

You don’t have to vote for Trump, because you have a higher priority.

Your God-given priority is that the whole earth would be filled with the glory of God. (Psalm 72:19)

Your God-given priority is that the gospel would reach the ends of the earth. (Matthew 28:19-20)

Your God-given priority is the gospel would be alive and well in your life, exhibited by your passionate love for God and your active love for others. (Matthew 22:37-39)

Your God-given priority is taking up your cross and following Jesus. (Matthew 16:24)

And your God-given priority is representing the King in the public square by living a life that is characterized by faith, hope, love, righteousness, truth, and the fruit of the Spirit.

And you are completely able to fulfill those priorities without voting for Donald Trump.

You don’t have to vote for Trump, because you have a higher security.

I don’t want to seem without concern for Hillary Clinton’s potential threats to a Christian view of justice, particularly in regard to our religious freedom.

I’m attentive to those concerns, and you probably are, too.

But we need not fear or worry or harbor the least bit of anxiety.

Our security is not brokered by political system or guaranteed by a political party.

The freedom of a Christian is one that can never, ever be taken away by anyone.

And contrary to popular belief, the Church is not on the brink of ruin.

After all, our Lord Himself said that the gates of hell would not prevail against the Church. (Matthew 16:18) So I suspect that we give Hillary Clinton far too much credit to believe that she can.

And you are completely able to exhibit trust in your higher Security without voting for Donald Trump.

Dear Christian who really doesn’t want to vote for Donald Trump…

Seek the Lord. Ask Him for wisdom. Search the Scriptures. Look for godly counsel.

And if God doesn’t lead you to vote for Donald Trump, then you don’t have to.

No matter what anyone else says about it.


Over the last several months, I have read many political articles by Christian writers with differing opinions. Below you’ll find some of the articles that have helped shape my views, though that does not mean I agree with everything presented by the writers, only that they have made points I’ve found worth considering:

Four Issues to Consider Before You Vote Trump: What is Really at Stake by Samuel Whitefield

Why Evangelicals Are Divided Over Trump by Joe Carter

Seeking Clarity in This Confusing Election Season: Ten Thoughts by Kevin DeYoung

The Gift of God’s Judgment: Our Election Crisis and Opportunity by Joe Rigney

The Moral Case for Donald Trump Refuted by Ben Lewis

Character and Political Office by Dr. Albert Mohler and Dr. Russell Moore

Why I Don’t Think You Must Vote for the Lesser of Two Evils by Dan Doriani

Situational Ethics and Voting by Michael Farris

The Supreme Court as a Basis for Voting for Trump by Michael Farris

Why I’m Willing to “Waste” My Vote by Stephen Altrogge

What James Dobson Said in 1998 About Character And the Presidency by John Fea

The Scandal of Election 2016 by Beth Moore

God’s Sovereignty Vetoes a Nation’s Idolatry by Christi Gee

How Not to Waste Your Vote: A Mathematical Analysis by Stephen Weese

*My focus in this article is on Donald Trump because my readership is primarily comprised of evangelical Christians, most of whom already do not see Hillary Clinton as a viable option for the presidency. I am not in any way encouraging Christians to vote for any particular candidate, only to challenge the notion that there is a single correct way for a Christian to vote.

I welcome your comments below, including your respectful disagreement. Any comment that is without a spirit of love will be deleted.


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20 Replies to “Dear Christian Who Doesn’t Want to Vote for Trump”

    • Jennifer Clarke Post author

      Hello, Yaya. Your logic is lacking. I personally would rather vote for a third-party pro-life candidate I believe in instead of settling for a sub-par candidate just because he’s the more popular one. However, I respect your right to cast your personal vote as you see fit.

    • J

      First I am not for any of the candidates.

      The Bible says, Thou shall not kill. As Christians we must remember there are many ways to kill someone.

      Second we can’t make a decision out of hate. God’s word says we are not to hate anyone.

      Third there are more values of being a Christian than being pro-life, anti-gay or anti-gay marriage but I don’t see the same outrage over those other issues we are suppose to be standing up for. Interesting?

      But I have brought this issue up to so many Christians and Pastors with no real response. What if…

      What if we all as Christians started praying right now for God to send us real Christian leaders for our country instead of praying for the ones already in office, instead of waiting to see who becomes the candidate or when new ones are elected? What if we started right now praying for God to send us a Christian president for our next election? What if we all said, Lord not our will but YOURS. Send us Lord a true Christian president and true Christian leaders. Ones filled with your love and compassion Lord. Lord put aside our worldly views and opinions and send us who you would have as our president and other leaders. (Problem is most would find something wrong with that person too.)

      What are we learning about ourselves through this process. Do we allow the seed of hate and anger to be planted in our souls? Are we letting both sides enter our thoughts when we should keep our focus on God instead of the elections in the first place?

      Meaning I have seen Christians spend more time, effort and energy on this election and making points and often spreading lies than I have ever seen them study God’s word, pray to the Lord, praise God, work for God, help others, witness to others, lead others to Christ or loving GOD. It’s sad. It breaks my heart.

      I wonder if every Christian put as much effort into spreading the word and love of God as they have into the elections what would happen??? I imagine wonderful glorious heavenly things.

      The most important things we can believe as Christians is love God and love others. Loving others means showing them the love of God. Sometimes we all forget we don’t have to fully agree on a topic but we can love and respect each other and still have the same faith.

      There are many examples in God’s word showing how not all the disciples saw things the same way but God always works it out for good if we simply put Him first and keep our focus on Him. Honestly it doesn’t really matter who is president because God is still God. God doesn’t need our approval. He reigns over and above all.

      Let’s all pray Lord send us Christian leaders who follow you and you alone Lord. Leaders that do not follow the ways of the world or the ways of some other man or woman on this earth but solely you Lord, in Jesus name, Amen.

      Wonderful post Jennifer! (as always) I’m so behind in reading your sweet blog.

  1. Heather

    I am a fellow sister in Christ and we need to stand up for LIFE and MARRIAGE. We are called by God to do this as believers. We are to PROTECT the unborn and PROTECT marriage as God planned it…between a man and a woman. By choosing not to vote for Trump, we are allowing Hillary to get into office and the abortions will continue and marriage and the family as we know it won’t be honored or sacred anymore. (Not to mention how our rights as Christians in our churches will be stripped away and be controlled by the government.)

    We have no fear, however, because no matter who is elected, we serve our Almighty Father who is still on the throne. That doesn’t mean we sit back and don’t do our part in protecting the sanctity of life and marriage. We all need to be in prayer for our country every day.

    May God Bless America

    • Jennifer Clarke Post author

      Hello, Heather, and welcome! Thank you for taking the time to convey what’s on your heart. I very much agree that it’s important to stand up for life and marriage, and I will be voting for a pro-life candidate. But I believe very strongly that the vote we cast on Election Day is a very tiny part of what God will hold us accountable for when it comes to pro-life measures.

      The truth is that apart from a massive revival and awakening in America (which is absolutely possible under any president), abortion will continue to be legal. It was passed and has been preserved by Republican-appointed Supreme Court Justices. It has survived a Reagan presidency and two Bush presidencies. To think that Donald Trump will be committed to making abortion go away is not an idea based in reality.

      But that doesn’t mean we give up! That doesn’t mean we don’t speak out. That doesn’t mean we stop voting pro-life. But it means that we need to take more responsibility for those things that are our responsibility. God will hold me far more accountable for how I’ve invested my time and money in pro-life ways. Not just when it comes to abortion, but also when it comes to the poor, the refugee, the fatherless, and the oppressed. That is how I do my part, and it doesn’t require me to vote for Donald Trump

  2. Debbie

    I agree you do. Not have to vote one major party on another since both seem to be corrupt, read, study, read some more and pray pray pray for guidance

  3. Rachel

    Thank you for this. I really don’t want to vote for either of the major candidates, and I’m pretty tired of being told I have to vote a certain way as a Christian. It’s encouraging to hear your point of view.

  4. Pam C.

    I appreciate your comments. I believe that there is so much more at stake. A non-Donald Trump vote says that we are willing to do nothing, that we don’t stand up for what we believe. Are we willing to let someone who has broken numerous laws and will continue to throw Christian values in our face – not in words, but in actions, lead our Country.
    For your consider – One additional issue that we should consider is the Supreme Court. Our next President is likely to recommend appointment of 2, and even possibly up to 4 Supreme Court justices over the next 4 years. Although these nominees must be approved by Senate (majority vote), we know the type of people that Hilary Clinton will nominate and their values are not my values. Although I do not believe our founding fathers intended for the Supreme Court to have the power currently given to them – they have that power. We need a President who will provide nominees that will affirm our Christian values. No matter what else I think of Donald Trump, I believe he will nominate conservative justices for this very important role.

    • Jennifer Clarke Post author

      Hello, Pam, and thank you for sharing your heart here. I understand your perspective, and I don’t fault you for it.

      I disagree, however, about a non-Donald vote saying that we are willing to do nothing. A third-party vote is still an expression of the person who is casting it. It may not be the loudest voice or the one everyone wants to hear, but it is still a voice. Personally, I view my first-ever third-party vote as the epitome of standing up for what I believe. I’m voting for the candidate I think would be a wonderful President because of his moral character, his leadership experience, and his sound policies. I’m not casting my vote against a party or a person; I’m very much casting it in favor of the candidate I would like to see become President. Just because I’m in the minority does not mean I’m not standing up for what I believe in.

      Should Trump become President, I hope you’re correct that he would appoint conservative justices, however his track record of untrustworthiness has not earned my vote. With that being said, I’m glad you have found an avenue that allows you to steward your vote well.

  5. Tom Rank

    Thank you for a gentle, loving response to a very touchy topic. In this age of harsh, dividing and loud arguing, your article is a breath of fresh air. I hope everyone will read this and respond in kind. Thank you, and remember, God is good all the time.

  6. Kristy

    Thank you! Every single argument I have heard in favor for voting for Trump have been nothing but logical fallacies, emotionalism, propaganda, scare tactics, and reveal a very poor understanding of our political system in America. Everyone who claims to not be a fan but still trying to get me to vote for him are using fear, guilt, and threats to convince me…all things that we are told in the Bible to flee from and to not be a part of. It is so sad that so many professing Christians think these kinds of actions are acceptable behavior in those claiming to have their hope in the Sovereign Lord. No matter who we end up with, it isn’t near as bad as we deserve. I will rest in peace known my God is omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent, sovereign and ordains everything that happens.

  7. PJ C

    Ii thank you for your opinion. Which basically reading your blog is what it is your opinion we can a lot of times use the Bible to justify our opinions. It is like setting a goal and asking God to bless it without first asking Him which direction He wants you to take. I once felt the way you did but many men and women have died fighting for our freedom. H. C. is evil yes I pray for her salvation but she has not only caused the deaths of many innocent babies by her beliefs she should be in prison because of Bengazi. Where as DT is against abortion and he has asked prominent Christian pastors to pray. I don’t believe Christian leaders should be expressing their opinions or telling people what you have told them. I believe they should pray about it and ask the The Great I Am what to do.

    • Jennifer Clarke Post author

      Hello, and thank you for sharing your thoughts here. The point of this post is not that a Christian cannot vote for Donald Trump, but simply that they don’t have to. I’m in agreement with you that we all should prayerfully consider what the Lord would have us to do. That’s why my closing remarks are:

      “Dear Christian who really doesn’t want to vote for Donald Trump…Seek the Lord. Ask Him for wisdom. Search the Scriptures. Look for godly counsel. And if God doesn’t lead you to vote for Donald Trump, then you don’t have to. No matter what anyone else says about it.”

      I’m glad Trump has asked leaders to pray, as he certainly needs it, as does any man or woman seeking to be the President of the United States. His ever-changing views on abortion are not persuasive to me. However, I’m glad you have found an avenue that allows you to steward your vote well.

  8. Daniel Payne

    You may not like Donald as a person. He was chosen by blue collared American’s to be a voice for the People. That are sick and tired of the far right and left of corrupt politics. He is really an Independent that ran under the Republican ticket to have more of a voice for the American People. Hillary Clinton has run on the basis that American’s are ignorant to the truths of politics.
    I know. One person wrote both platform’s. This is not about the person that Donald Trump is but more about the American People. What is best for America and American’s. To give a real voice back to the People. To work with all ethnic backgrounds. To work for the impoverished, lower income and the middle class that have been hurt the most by the last 50 years of policies. That work for the People, and not the corrupt establishment. It will enable more good Christian’s to follow in His footsteps. Donald is literally running for You!

  9. Kevin

    Nice, thoughtful and thought-provoking article–a sensitive, presentation of a point of view, written in good taste and devoid of the venom, hyperbole, and the judgmental and/or personal attacks of so much of what I’ve read during this political season. Regardless of how I eventually choose to vote in this election, I will certainly give appropriate consideration to what was written (and how) in this article. Thank you for treating the matter with respect and civility.


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