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What God Wants For You & What Prevents You From Having It

Have you ever noticed that sometimes you come across just what you need, just when you need it?

This happened to me a couple of years ago. And I don’t think it was an accident.

My weight was at an all-time high (except for the times when I was incubating other humans). My household was a mess. Even the things that I cherished most – my relationship with God and my purposeful investment in my family – were barely hanging on by a thread.

All of this was understandable. We had just finished a very difficult foster placement. One in which I often turned to food when I wanted to de-stress and to celebrate survival of another day. One in which I didn’t have the physical, mental, or emotional energy for…well, anything, really. Just the bare minimum. Most days I felt like I was barely surviving.

Then one day, a godly writer-friend shared a resource with me that changed everything. Only I didn’t realize it at the time. In fact, I was so deeply consumed with just keeping my head above water every day, I didn’t even realize how much I was struggling.

It was only when I started the study Grace Goals and came across the question, “What do you want?” that I realized how much my life had slipped away from my ideals. And not just the ideals I had for myself, but the ideals God had for me.

When He created me, He didn’t intend for me to barely survive.

And when He redeemed me, He didn’t do it so I could struggle and strain every day just to keep my head above water.

No, He created me and redeemed me to thrive. To live well. To live flourish.

What God Wants For You

And in case you need the reminder, that’s what He wants for you, too. I know it’s true because this is Jesus talking:

The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy. I came that they may have life and have it abundantly. (John 10:10)

Jesus’ purpose in coming to earth was to seek and to save that which was lost (Luke 19:10) – you and me – and to trade our poverty for His abundance, our complete inadequacy for His all-sufficiency.

He yielded His rights as God and entered our broken planet, subjecting Himself to its pain and heartache, which culminated in His cruel death on a cross.

So that you and I might have life.

Abundant life. 

As if that wasn’t enough and so much more than we deserve, He promises enough grace to secure that abundance and apply it to our daily living (2 Corinthians 9:8, 12:9).

No matter the circumstances. No matter the struggles. No matter the whispers from culture and from others and even from within that tell us otherwise.

What Prevents You From Having What God Wants For You

God intends for us to have abundant life, and He provides everything we need for this kind of life to be our reality.

So why do we often fail at achieving it?

I’ve learned that this is primarily because we simply don’t receive what God is offering. 

There can be a lot of reasons for this. Sometimes it’s because we don’t really know what He’s offering. Other times it’s because we don’t truly believe His offering is intended for us. And still other times – and I suspect this is the case most of the time – we just need to practice receiving the gracious provision of our loving Father.

We need someone to teach us how to receive it. How to apply it. How to grab hold of it and hang on tight until we believe it down to the very core of who we are, and until everything we do springs not from insecurity, not from shame, not from pride, but from this marvelous grace that always promises to be enough.

And that’s where Grace Goals is so powerful.

A Grace-Based, Gospel-Saturated Solution

Maybe you can identify with where I was a couple of years ago. If so, you might be encouraged to hear that God used Grace Goals to help me lose weight. He also used it to help me reestablish order out of the chaos that my life had become.

But what I appreciate most is that those external changes are a mere shadow of the internal ones. God has used this program to reveal to me more of who He is, more of who I am in Christ, and more of the grace and power available to me as His child.

If you’re ready for a biblical approach to setting goals and achieving them – with no shame, no guilt, and no rigidity – Grace Goals is just what you need. After all, it’s called Grace Goals for a reason: it starts and ends with the gospel, and is saturated through and through with grace.

You Have Circled This Mountain Long Enough

It could be that you’re not struggling as much as I was a couple of years ago. Is there just one thing you can’t seem to get control of (like social media, perhaps)? One habit you just can’t kick? One “besetting sin” that keeps rearing its ugly head over and over?

If God is telling you, “You have circled this mountain long enough” (Deuteronomy 2:3), Grace Goals might be just the tool you need to achieve the lasting change you’ve been longing for.

You see, I initially used this study for radical transformation. But I’ve since used it to accomplish smaller, specific goals. Like completion of writing projects that had been hanging unfinished over my head. Or tackling household tasks that I had been wholly unmotivated to even start, much less finish.

I can pretty much guarantee that once you prayerfully and carefully work through Grace Goals and see the resulting fruit God brings from it, you’ll use the truths and the process again and again in various aspects of your life.

Because guess what? There’s no realm of our lives that’s exempt from needing grace and needing the Gospel.

Limited Time Offer

To equip you to set goals, achieve change, and live enabled, I’m offering a special bonus for a limited time to those who purchase Grace Goals. To help inspire you to act on your goals, I will send you the digital file containing an 8x10 printable of 15 Scriptures for taking action, plus the same Scriptures in memory card format. You can claim this offer by simply emailing your receipt number to me at

It’s my prayer that God would use Grace Goals to teach you more about Himself; to teach you more about who you are in Christ; and to show you more of the grace and power available to you as His beloved child.

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