Divine Encounters With Kids

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Considering divine encounters in the Bible.

Here’s a jaw-droppingly beautiful truth:

Jesus’ first priority for you is just to be with Him.

Mark 3:14 tells us that “He appointed twelve that they might be with Him and that He might send them out to preach.”

Do you see how being with Him came first? Before the preaching, before the healing, before the casting out of demons or even the raising of the dead.

Sure, we have work to do…God-ordained tasks to accomplish…divine appointments to meet.

But our most important divine appointment will always be our long-standing, daily appointment with Him. He wants to encounter us in big ways and small, numerous times every. Single. Day.

Here’s something equally amazing: He also wants to encounter our kids.

One of the most notable instances of God encountering a child is His persistent calling out to the boy Samuel in the temple (I Samuel 3). God initiated contact with an obedient, attentive boy, entrusting a sacred message to him when the religious leaders were too corrupt to be of any use.

And let’s not forget our Savior Himself, who called children over so that He might place His hands on them, admonishing His disciples to let the children come to Him, and not to hinder them (Luke 18).

Does He see our children any differently? Does He have less desire for our children to come to Him? To encounter Him?

Of course not.

He welcomes them with open arms because He wants them to know Him.

He wants to encounter our kids for their own sakes — because knowing Him is the key to their ultimate success and happiness in life.

He wants to encounter them for His sake — just because He likes them; He loves them; and He went to extreme lengths to secure a relationship with them.

And He wants to encounter them for the sake of those He can touch through them. He wants to use them to love and serve people, the same way He wants to use and me. No one is too young to be used by our God.

So how can we encourage our kids to encounter God? Don’t miss the next post, offering 7 ways to help your kids encounter God!


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Eye-opening post about God's desire to encounter children. (Mark 3:14) https://adivineencounter.com/monday-minute-divine-encounters-with-kids

*This article was originally posted by Jennifer Clarke at UpsideDownHomeschooling.com. It has been transferred here for archival purposes. 

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