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Praying the Scriptures

How would you feel if the President of the United States invited you to meet with him every morning? To talk with him and share your needs with him, asking for his advice and provision?

A few years ago, I posed this question to my kids over breakfast. They paused before answering, absorbing the enormity of this almost inconceivable scenario.

The novelty of the idea eventually wore off, and though the five-year-old remained unimpressed, the older two shared that a daily meeting with the President would make them feel super important, taking priority over everything else on their schedules.

How much greater is the privilege of prayer!

To be allowed – no, more than allowed – to be invited into the throne room of God, the very Creator of the universe. Summoned to fellowship with Him. Beckoned to spend time with Him.

Prayer is a gift and an honor. Praying the Scriptures is particularly powerful, as it acknowledges the importance of God’s Word and affirms its authority. Even more, it’s a way to let God know that what He says matters to you. For real.

Many of you joined me for the Prayers for All Seasons series, during which we delved into the nitty-gritty of life’s circumstances, covering them in prayer using relevant Scriptures. Since that time, I’ve received multiple requests for the prayers to be recorded in a central location for easy access. I’m pleased to let you know that you can find each topic below, including a few others I’ve written over the past couple of years.

May the Word of God be living and powerful, in our living and in our praying!

Are you a Christian who recognizes the power of praying the Scriptures? These 40+ ways to pray the Scriptures will enhance and inspire your prayer life.

Praying the Scriptures Through Life

Prayers for Aging Parents

Prayers for Seasons of Change

Prayers for Your Child

More Prayers for Your Child

Prayers for Christian Marriage

Prayers for Your Church

Prayers of Comfort

Prayers for Direction

Prayers for Engaged Couples

Prayers for Your Friends

Prayers for Homeschool

Prayers for the Hopeless Heart

Prayers for Your Job

Prayers of Joy

Prayers for Your Ministry

Prayers for the Parents of Little Ones

Prayers for Your Pastor

Prayers for Patience

Prayers for Peace

Are you a Christian who recognizes the power of praying the Scriptures? These 40+ ways to pray the Scriptures will enhance and inspire your prayer life.

Prayers for Persecuted Christians

Prayers of Praise

Prayers for Relationships

Prayers of Repentance

Prayers for Retirement

Prayers for the President

Prayers for Self-Control

Prayers for Singles

Prayers for Slaves

Prayers for Times of Sickness

Prayers for Spiritual Growth

Prayers for Spiritual Victory

Prayers of Surrender

Prayers for Teachers

Prayers for Teens and Tweens

Prayers for Times of Terror

Prayers of Thanksgiving

Prayers for Your Unborn Child

Prayers for Unemployment

Prayers for Seasons of Waiting

Prayers for Wisdom

A prayer warrior challenge:

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  1. Dianne Thornton

    What an incredible resource! I’m going to bookmark this and share it with my friends!

    • Jennifer Clarke

      Thanks so much, Dianne! I pray that it’s a blessing in your life. 🙂

  2. Betsy de Cruz

    Wow, Jennifer, Dianne is right! You do have a great resource here. I wrote just last Tuesday on praying the scriptures, both benefits and how to, but you have a great compilation here! Pinning this!

    • Jennifer Clarke

      I’m so glad you found this helpful, Betsy! Thanks so much for pinning it. 🙂

  3. Tammy

    This post is such an encouragement on prayer. We can never pray too much for any one thing! I know someone who says we are never to pray more than once for something as that would tell God that we don’t trust Him. However, that is unbiblical. We are told to pray unceasingly!

    Thank you for visiting me, Jennifer.

    • Jennifer Clarke

      Thank you for stopping by, Tammy, and for letting me know how this post encouraged you. 🙂

    • Jennifer Clarke

      I’m so glad, Debbie. Thanks for stopping by!

  4. Kathryn Shirey

    Great resources here! Praying the scriptures is one of the most powerful ways to pray – and how I’ve really developed my prayer language.

  5. Karen

    Thank you.

  6. Bassey effiong

    pls I really want to join this forum. one of my uncles vow that I will never have a job

  7. Rick Vincent

    I minister to men in jails and prisons.This would be a great resource to print out for them. Many of them write requesting Bible studies. Can I use this and others from time to time?
    I also do a radio program where again this and some otber of your material could be useful. Of course, I’d reference you and your web site. It might encourage others to visit your site.
    I’ve contacted you before. Check us out on FB at P of C Prison Ministries. Please like our page.6
    Thanks and many blessings,
    Chaplain Rick Vincent
    Ezra 7:10

    • Jennifer Clarke

      Hello, Chaplain Rick! You are welcome to use these materials for your ministry, as the Lord leads. May God make your labor fruitful, for His glory.


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