Raising Pure-Hearted Sons in an Impure World

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Raising Pure-Hearted Sons in an Impure World

I don’t know about you, but I often feel like a fish swimming upstream. Especially when it comes to parenting.

God has so kindly given us His Word containing clear instructions about how to live. How to exist in relationship with Him. How to imitate Him, becoming like Him as we grow in our faith.

And how to teach our children these things, too.

But everything in our culture today seems in direct opposition to our God, defying His commands and mocking the very grace that gave them to us in the first place.

Is it possible in these times to raise the next generation of the Church in purity? To train them in holiness?

I’m at Intoxicated on Life today, sharing some thoughts about how to equip our sons to live for Christ in today’s culture.

Here’s an excerpt:

“Mom, can I look at this?”

In an ideal world—and perhaps even in a decent world—I would be able to rest easy in my son’s perusal of the Sports Illustrated magazine while he sat in the allergist’s waiting room, confident in the knowledge that the sports magazine contained only…well, sports.

I finally handed it to him after neatly removing—you guessed it—a full-page picture of less-than-half-dressed women.

I’m sure my experience doesn’t surprise you. Morality is rapidly declining in our culture, as evidenced by entertainment, print media, the Internet, and more.

Pornography has never been more loosely defined—nor more accessible.

Celebrities think nothing of snapping nude selfies and posting them on Twitter for all the world to see.

The commercials for most sitcoms are profane and vile. I can’t even fathom the filth contained in the actual programs.

Is it possible to raise pure-hearted sons in such a world? 

By God’s grace, I do believe it’s possible. But it’s a pursuit that requires parents to be both vigilant and intentional.

Read the rest here, just a click away!

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8 Replies to “Raising Pure-Hearted Sons in an Impure World”

  1. Jen

    Excellent post, Jennifer! With our second son entering the teen years, we know the need to be every vigilant. I’m leaving a comment here so you can see it. 🙂 (Coming from Grace and Truth!)

  2. Dawn

    Love this! My son gets Sports Illustrated magazine but I always watch out for the swimsuit edition (that one goes straight to the recycle bin). He doesn’t need to see that.

  3. Betsy de Cruz

    This is such an important topic, more important than ever. I can hardly believe some of the things we’re seeing all around us. Headed over to read the rest.

    AND your new site looks wonderful! Congratulations! So pretty. 🙂

    • Jennifer Clarke Post author

      Oh, I can so identify with you, Betsy. I can’t believe how rapidly our culture is plunging into total depravity. I’m thankful for the comfort we have in knowing that the Most High rules in the kingdom of men (Daniel 4:17b). And we’re on His side! 🙂 Thank you for the kind remarks about the site. Since I’m far from a blog design expert, it was a lot of work, but I’m pleased with the result and hope the layout is more user-friendly.


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