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As a Christ-follower, I know you’re praying for the kids in your life.

Your children. Your grandchildren.

Nieces and nephews.


Maybe even the children of your friends.

There are countless things we could pray the children we love, aren’t there?

If you ever wonder about the most important things to pray for your children, I hope you’ll turn with me to the Scriptures for a very special biblical prayer.

I shared about it recently at Intoxicated on Life. Here’s an excerpt:

At the very beginning of my parenting journey, God drew my attention to the biblical account of Hannah in 1 Samuel 1-2.

She was a praying woman, a praying mom who devoted her son to the Lord quite literally, sending him to the temple to live and work when he was very young.

But the temple was a wicked place during that time, and Samuel was surrounded by immorality. Yet from his boyhood and throughout his whole life, God spoke to Samuel powerfully, using him to speak his truth to multitudes of people, including multiple kings.

I am convinced that God’s blessing on Samuel was at least in part due to the prayers of his mother.

There are countless things you could pray for your kids, but what should you pray? And in particular, what should you pray for them every day?

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