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I’m a creature of habit, one who loves structure and thrives on it. Part of this is from pure and simple necessity; after all, trying to care for the needs of six kids while navigating life without some kind of structure is a recipe for complete chaos.

But I’ve also found that structure is one of my greatest allies as I seek to steward well the moments of each day, and to faithfully take action in fulfilling what God has called me to do.

Oh, but isn’t it nice to take a short break from the structure of day-to-day life from time to time?

For many of us, the summer season presents valuable opportunities for this kind of break, especially in the form of vacations.

Does God care about our vacations? Of course He does. He wants us to have a time of rest and refreshment, and guess what else?

He wants to join us there.

I shared on this topic at Intoxicated on Life, and while the post is written for Christian parents, most of the suggestions apply to all believers. Here’s an excerpt:

Ah, the lazy days of summer are almost upon us.

For many families, summer means relaxed schedules, more family time enjoying the great outdoors, and week-long vacations at the beach or other exciting places.

Unfortunately, the break from our normal routines can also make it tempting to take a vacation from our faith, which helps explain seasonal trends like drastically reduced church attendance during the summer months….

The truth is that God already goes with His children everywhere we go. But how can we honor Him by acknowledging His presence with us when we’re outside our regular routines?

Here are some ideas to get you started…

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