No More Broken Resolutions

  As I write this, it’s the fifth day of 2015. So be honest…how many of those New Year’s resolutions made with such good intentions are already broken? Maybe you Continue Reading →

Irresistible Prayer

“God, please change my heart.” The beauty of this prayer is its simplicity. Just a handful of words, with truckloads of meaning… It’s all those beneath-the-surface and between-the-lines meanings that Continue Reading →

What You Must Know About God’s Care for You

My oldest daughter is away at camp this week. One would think that with five kids still in the house, the absence of one wouldn’t be felt as keenly. Nothing could Continue Reading →


SIN. It’s oh-so-ugly. And dark. Always dark. So dark that sometimes I can’t even see it. And other times, I keep it dark on purpose…so others can’t see it. Unless… “Let Continue Reading →

Falling: Hope for the Backsliding Christian

If there’s one thing I want my writing to be, it’s truthful. Sometimes the truth is nice and encouraging and inspirational. But sometimes it’s hard and difficult and messy. I Continue Reading →