Praying the Scriptures: Prayers for Retirement ~ Grace & Truth (Week 46)

Though full-time employment eventually comes to an end, there’s no such thing as retirement when it comes to the Christian life. The Bible is replete with examples of elderly men Continue Reading →

Praying the Scriptures: Prayer for Peace

Peace. It’s what we long for perhaps more than anything else. Peace with God. Peace with who we are. Peace in our marriages and in our homes. Peace in our Continue Reading →

What Kind of School is Right for My Kids?

Education. There are few decisions more important that Christ-following parents make on behalf of their children. a.)Christian school? b.)Public school? c.)Homeschool? d,)Private school? e.)Other? We have more options available to us Continue Reading →

Preparing for Persecution

Another mass shooting took place last week, and it seems that Christians were once more a target. This incident sparked a touching conversation with my daughter that still lingers in my Continue Reading →

A Woman’s Prayer for Christian Men

Another day, another story of a crumbling marriage making its way to my ears, slumping my shoulders and squelching my spirit. Another man falling for the lie that his family ought Continue Reading →

The Truth About Peace & Why It Can’t Begin With Me

“Don’t rock the boat!” “Can’t we all just get along?” “Let’s just keep the peace.” I’m sure these phrases aren’t new to you. There’s a part of us that longs Continue Reading →