21 Things I Love About Fostering

We’ve been fostering children for two years now, during which time we’ve had eight children in our home as long-term placements, plus over a dozen more for shorter “respite” stays. I’ve been Continue Reading →

Why You Don’t Need to Forgive Yourself (And What You Really Need Instead)

If you’re haunted by past sins and failures, and have ever confided in anyone about the shame you feel, it’s likely that you’ve encountered this piece of advice: “You need Continue Reading →

8 Keys to Spiritual Detox for Your Family

Detox is a hot topic these days, isn’t it? As scientific research continues to reveal the mind-blowing amount of toxins in our environment, many people want to do everything within Continue Reading →

Praying the Scriptures: Prayers for Relationships

If you’re like me, you’ve never given much thought to praying the Scriptures over your relationships. Whether it’s an easy relationship, where the conversation flows, honest and filter-free, warmth abounds, and Continue Reading →

Praying the Scriptures: Prayers of Surrender

Nothing aligns my heart with God’s like praying the Scriptures. The acts of inhaling His words and exhaling them back to Him remind me that He is worthy of my all. Continue Reading →

Praying the Scriptures: Prayers for Teens

I pretty much adore the “tween” in my house. She’s fun and helpful, thoughtful and sensitive. Oh, and she cooks for me almost every day! I’m sometimes struck with painful awareness Continue Reading →

Praying the Scriptures in Times of Terror

It happened again. Another terrorist attack occurred over the weekend, leaving France reeling and the rest of the world grieving. The hashtag #prayforparis has been showing up everywhere, and while that’s a good Continue Reading →

Praying the Scriptures: Prayers for Parents of Little Ones

Having my first baby was the most earth-shattering event I had ever experienced. My world was rocked like never before. I struggled to cope with the fact that my life Continue Reading →