Life Lessons From Grandma

My Grandma died last Friday. In a way that felt too fast. Like I had been cheated out of “goodbye.” But also in a way that was merciful. Like for her Continue Reading →

A New Christmas Tradition for My Family

  There’s a certain charm to stuffed monkeys, isn’t there? Well, my kids think so, at least. Particularly a new friend in our house named Melk the Christmas Monkey. “Say Continue Reading →

4 Truths for When You’re Overwhelmed

I’m a completely committed blogger. Except when I’m not. But it’s not because I don’t want to be. It’s because, like you, there are so many things that compete for Continue Reading →

Ultimate Tips for Beating Winter Blues

Yesterday, I offered 10 tips for beating winter blues…but that was only half of my list! If shorter days and chilly temperatures cause you to experience winter blues, I hope Continue Reading →

Beating the Winter Blues

As fall progresses toward winter and long, chilly nights encroach upon daylight, I start to struggle. I’m not sure why it happens. But sure enough, every October, my normally happy, laid-back Continue Reading →

Fruitful Labor

“I like being lazy,” her social media profile boasted. No disclaimers or qualifiers. None of the usual information about hobbies, preferences, career, or relationships. Just that one sentence. Really? I Continue Reading →

Pressing On

  I’ve been pretty overwhelmed by your response to my recent soul-baring post about self-control. You’ve shared your own struggles with me so transparently as you’ve posted comments and sent Continue Reading →

Just Two Things

Inhale. Exhale. Just two things. Amidst the innumerable choices we make every day… the successes and stumbles… the routine and the miraculous… the monotonous and the extraordinary… the to-dos, should-dos, Continue Reading →