Teaching Kids Biblical Principles for Entertainment

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Sometimes in parenting, you look back and see that by God’s grace, you caught an opportunity you almost missed.

You see, one of my primary goals as a Christian mama is to teach my kids biblical principles that will guide them in big ways and small for the rest of their lives.

But when it comes to entertainment, I almost blew it.

Thanks to an insightful conversation with my daughter a few weeks ago, I realized that I wasn’t nurturing her in God’s Word in this area. I hadn’t shepherded her through its truths and equipped her to discern God’s best in the realm of entertainment.

I wrote about that experience at Intoxicated on Life recently, sharing the Bible-based principles about entertainment that I’m now striving to convey to my children.
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Here’s an excerpt:

“Mom, can you check out these TV shows and see if I can watch them?”

Music to this mama’s ears. 

After a bit of research, I approved two of the programs and disapproved the others, primarily because the shows were known to depict teens disrespecting adult authority figures.

It was my disapproval that led to her next questions:

“Why can’t I watch them? I know other kids who watch them. And besides, why does it really matter? It’s not like I’ll start being rude and disrespectful just because of what I’m watching.”

Now, in the face of such a response (offered, ironically, in a barely-still-respectful tone), I had a few choices.

I could lose my temper.

I could demand submission.

I could reiterate my authority.

I could chuck the TV out the window.

Or I could welcome the opportunity for deeper conversation and step through the wide-open door my daughter unknowingly offered.

This time, I chose well.

I allowed this episode with my daughter to prompt a series of chats during which I’ve covered with her some important biblical principles for entertainment – television, movies, music, books, and hobbies of all kinds.

You can find the biblical principles for entertainment here, just a click away!
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2 Replies to “Teaching Kids Biblical Principles for Entertainment”

  1. Jacqueline

    Passing this on to the young mom’s at church. Monitoring t.v. and movies for children is so hard in today’s world.

    Simply stopping and thinking of what you could have said then deciding to walk through the door your sweet little opened, fantastic. My grandmother used every moment as a teachable moment she was always patient as well as soft spoken and looking back those are some of my favorite conversations and times with her.

    Yes you did well. Clearly you are a great mommy.


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