The Blessing America Most Needs

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God has been blessing America since its inception, but America is increasingly drifting from Him. Insightful post reveals the blessing America most needs.

I love this nation.

I’m supremely grateful for having been born in the land of the free and the home of the brave, even as I’m aware of how very much I take it for granted.

I’m deeply thankful for men and women who have deemed this nation worth fighting for, and who have possessed the courage and nobility to do so.

But there was a time when I stopped singing “God Bless America.”

Because He already has.

Out of all things we might call “blessings,” I can’t think one He has withheld.

Financially, we’re undoubtedly among the richest countries in the world. Even the destitute here are considered among the world’s wealthy.

By and large, we are a literate country, with education broadly available to children.

Our armed forces are among the best trained and best equipped.

We haven’t had a war on our shores in 150 years – and even then, it was war we waged against ourselves.

There is general availability of basic medical care.

Our water is clean.

Americans have free access to churches and to Bibles. We have preachers and teachers and evangelists who teach sound doctrine.

How much more could He possibly bless us?

What grace He has lavished! Because what makes America more deserving of these blessings than any other country or people group?


We don’t deserve a single blessing.

We don’t deserve His favor.

We don’t deserve the bounty.

And guess what?

God isn’t American.

We intertwine our Christianity and our patriotism so closely that we imagine God is bound to take America’s side. To protect us. To keep blessing us.

And I just can’t help but wonder…why do we feel this way?

It’s pretty audacious to ask Him for more blessings…

when He’s already given us so many.

And what have we done with them?

We’ve rejected His involvement in every public aspect of our nation.

We’ve called “right” what He has irrevocably labeled “wrong.”

We’ve stood by and watched as our own countrymen are imprisoned and tortured for no other reason besides claiming the name of Christ.

And so the question isn’t whether God is on America’s side. It’s whether America is on His.

Because at the end of the day, there’s only one battle raging: the one between the Creator of the universe and His mortal enemy…

and I’m just not sure what side America is on.

The Blessing America Most Needs

I recently started being able to again sing “God bless America” in good conscience, but only because I’ve clarified in my heart what kind of blessing I’m asking Him for.

It goes something like this:

God, revive America. I beg You to have mercy on us and restore us. Draw us to Your throne of grace in repentance, and to our knees in humility. Bring to us whatever circumstances that will cast us back toward You. Break us so you can build us again to be a nation whose only boast is in You.

Should He grant those requests, we’ll be blessed indeed.

I don’t know what the future holds for America. But if I someday must choose between my nation and my God, there’s no question where my allegiance will be.

The closer I grow to my Savior, the more hotly my first allegiance burns toward Him. And it’s not really in a “first among many” kind of way. It’s more like an “overwhelming everything else” kind of way.

I am on God’s side. And I pray fervently for the day when my America will be, too.

God has been blessing America since its inception, but America is increasingly drifting from Him. Insightful post reveals the blessing America most needs.Are you a Christ-follower who also loves your nation? Let this post fuel your prayers for our President:

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11 Replies to “The Blessing America Most Needs”

  1. Leah Adams

    Jennifer, I completely agree. Every day I pray for one more great awakening in our nation. Every day, as I look at our nation, I’m heartbroken, and even worse, not at all convinced that God will allow another great awakening before Christ’s return. We have strayed so very far. I will continue to pray for it, however.

    • Jennifer Clarke Post author

      I hear you, friend. I’m not convinced that He will allow it either; when I pray for our nation, I pray along the lines of the leper who told Jesus, “If You are willing, you can.” He is more than able, but only time will tell whether He’s willing. Either way, I’m excited to see how He will show off His glory, and I’m supremely thankful that I’m on His side.

  2. Latisha

    Powerful words of which I am in agreement. Though I pray whatever comes upon us, God gives me the strength and courage to get through it, truth be told, I’m afraid of the spiritual wars ahead. Blessings to you.

    • Jennifer Clarke Post author

      I identify with you here, Latisha. Fears assail me from time to time as well. But it comforts me to remember that God is in charge, and He works all things together for my ultimate good (Romans 8:28). That certainly doesn’t mean there are easy roads ahead, but they will no doubt be blessed roads for Christ-followers – even if the blessing looks different from what we’re used to. And no matter what, He promises that His grace will be enough for us! Praying for you and me, and for all of Christ’s Church as we prepare for the days ahead. Thank you for stopping by, friend!

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  4. Christie

    So good, Jennifer. So good.

    We have given Him no reason to provide the grace He has, let alone bless us! I, too, am afraid at the judgment to come, but know whose side I’m on and I know Who wins in the end 🙂

    Love you, friend!


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