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What’s on my mind on this Election Day is not the choice we’re making, but everything that we’ve invested in the forming of the choice we made.

There’s been a lot of inner thought, a lot of angst, a lot of soul-searching, and prayer. There’s been a lot of outer discussion, a lot of dogma, a lot of division and debate.

So much poured into what is yet a single choice. And why is that? I suppose it’s because we can’t help but feel the weight of it. We know it’s significant, bringing heavy consequences of some kind or another for much of the foreseeable future.

We’re also hyper-aware that the choice we make says something about us. Conclusions will be drawn and characterizations will be made as a result of what we choose.

And these, too, are consequences of the choice.

It is good for us to take serious choices seriously, and to prayerfully and carefully weigh out the potentially serious consequences.

But what about the much smaller choices we make every day?

I wonder how much tragedy we would save ourselves if we better anticipated the far-reaching consequences of choices that don’t seem so significant in the moment we’re making them?


What consequence will come from the choice to visit that website?

If we foresaw the years of bondage, the broken spouse, the wrecked marriage, would we view the choice differently?

What about the choice to hold on to that grudge?

If we foresaw the embittered heart, the fractured relationship, the dissension that would spread like a disease, would we view the choice differently?

What will result from that choice to stretch that truth?

If we foresaw the temptation to do it again and again, followed by the breached trust and the ruined reputation, would we view the choice differently?

Or from the choice to send that text message?

If we foresaw the secret smiles, the illicit phone call, and the affair that will devastate a hundred people, would we view the choice differently?

What consequences might come from the words we choose to speak?

From the lies we choose to believe?

May God teach each of us through this election the power of a choice, and our responsibility to steward it well.

Even (and maybe especially) when a presidency is not at stake.